Friday, September 16, 2011


... just a small update...

Aside from the classes I've been taking. I've been reading a book: "Audition" by Michael Shurtleff. In fact, I started a little group on facebook to have discussions about what we have learned, or taken from readings each week.

I've never had a knack for reading a lot, I never really learned how to study. When I read I have a hard time sitting down and focusing or I end up becoming tired and I fall asleep. Which is a shame because when I get through a book, I enjoy either what I have learned or the adventure my mind has taken. This is a battle I struggle with and am making efforts to overcome in my journey of exploration and healing.

As I read "Audition" two things occur to me. One, of course, is what I as an actor, should have prepared for an audition. ( side note here: it's funny I'm reading a book entitled "audition" and yet I don't want to call the "meetings" I go to "auditions". My friend, Glenn Morshower, has spoken a truth to me that it is the frame of mind that helps you succeed. By going to a Meeting, it's less about proving yourself, it's more about the exploration of character and communicating with the other people in the room about that character, and how that character fits in the big picture.. the picture that really matters.. the story!)

The second thing that I'm learning is how the information effects me: things that I may glance over because they seem intuitive, or things that I highlight because I want to go back and reread them, more importantly things that I stop on and ponder because they touch a part of me that resonates with my being and helps me understand myself and what I value.