Sunday, July 31, 2011


Interesting it’s taken a year for me to post again, have I been too busy? Probably not, but my blog has honestly not been my top priority this past year.


The past year has mostly been comprised of building a portfolio from photo-shoots. My agency (Talent Management Group), was wanting to submit me on auditions that required a portfolio and I had never done any “modeling” , so I went to work on putting something together, reaching out to local photographers who needed talent either for their portfolios, or projects they were putting together. I’m very happy where my portfolio currently is, and I believe I have the material to put together a comp card and to go into auditions professionally representing myself and my agency.

Please check back soon in my PROJECTS section and GALLERY section at for updates.

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I’m now a year and a half into a Meisner class that I had formed with a few other “guides”. Not knowing what to expect, so far, it’s been an interesting journey. Taking the lead from my good friend Charlie Halford, the class was something I felt that I needed, and that would also be beneficial to the local acting community. I have to say that I’ve become a better actor from delving into the Meisner technique. The class is structured to follow workbooks written by a former student of Sanford Meisner: Larry Silverberg. For me the class has become a foundation to build upon. In my opinion the technique strengthens your core, its principles are to keep you from acting and to “bring life into imaginary circumstances.”

By early next year, we will have finished the fourth workbook, and started a new session. It’s a two-year course, in which I feel we are staying pretty true to. I’m intending on touching base with Larry in an effort to have him feel us out… to see what we’ve done right, and what he believes we can improve upon.

As well…

I just recently started another class, an audition workshop, called “Practicing The Profession”. This class gives talent the opportunity to work out auditions and be seen by working industry professionals. I’m lucky enough to be in the position to have experience both in front of and behind the camera in the auditioning room, that added with professional feedback from “Directors” is what I believe will make this class work.


The most recent project I worked on was a short film called “HOOAH”… We wrapped the principle photography early summer, it’s currently in editing and I have an ADR session this week. My guess is that it will be open to public consumption very shortly.

I’ll include links to HOOAH on my PROJECTS page as soon as I have them.


Here, you’re probably thinking I’m all work, but I did take a bit of vacation and took my first trip to London. It was a quick 7- day trip, and while it was fun, I found after I got back I still have so much more to see. I’m hoping to schedule another trip within a year. … of course, as luck would have it one of my friends from the states who also dabbles with photography was in London when I took my trip. We scheduled a photo-shoot and are now working on selecting our best shots for print.


It’s been an exciting year, and I’ll be putting more of an effort to update my blog more often. In the meantime… While I’ve done so much, here’s what I need to be doing:

What I haven’t been doing is writing. I may end up regretting this, but if you are talking with me, whether if it be in passing, catching up, business or personal – ask me how my writing is coming.